Building interdependencies

dunno if my subject is actually the best way to describe it, but here’s the sort of thing i’m interested in:

use some aspect of one plugin to control some parameter of another.

…seems like this would require a few things that currently don’t exist:

on the sending end…

  1. expose the values of parameters in a plugin to be available as controls for the parameters of another one.
  2. have some math and logic operators so we can intelligently scale and route those values to do useful things in the presence of certain conditions.
  3. have ways of also getting values from various aspects of a plugin’s audio output (amplitude, pitch, spectral analysis), and converting those to control other plugin’s parameters.
  4. and again, math! :slight_smile:

…i’ve spent a lot of time with puredata (a linux open source descendant of max/msp), and its ability to make mathematically transformable influences between blocks of sound manipulators. as an example, the ability to cause massive shifts in a sound texture, based on certain changes in another aspect of your “machine” is huge.

this is the sort of flexibility and depth i’ve been missing in MOD right from the start… the virtual physical pedalboard is certainly powerful as far as it goes, but it seems to lock us into a certain lack of creative scope.

any ongoing development in this direction?

especially in light of the potential for huge expansion of the user base (and the types of performers involved) as a result of the addition of the DuoX and Dwarf, this would seem like a great time to consider some major steps forward in the capabilities of the software engine.

cheers, all… many thanks for all the continued thought and efforts of the MOD team and its community of users!

Hi @plutek,

have you checked out the RC of 1.9 yet?

I believe most of these things you mentioned are possible there in some way!
There is some info already up on here.

The CV addressing allow for macro controls, and there are also logic gates available! (some are in beta, but I believe more are coming)
The only thing that for sure isn’t there (yet) is a pitch to CV converter for the same reason there is no pitch to MIDI, though you can kinda make this happen by using a band-pass or crossover filter in series with the audio to CV plugin to get the amplitude of a certain spectral window.

The new CV plugins and CV addressing bring a lot of possibilities with them, they are just waiting to be discovered and used :wink:



I’m looking forward to some demos/explanations of how this works. I’ve no idea how to use the CV plugins to control other things, never having used CV before… :slight_smile:

hey @Jan, thanks for hipping me to all that… i’ll dive in!