Can Tuner resolution be more precise than 1/10th a half-step?

The LED display for the TUNER display on both my Mod Duo and Dwarf is only limited to 10 discrete notches per half-step interval. Is there a good reason for that limitation? I’d like finer resolution.


IIUC 10 notches per half-step corresponds to 10 cents per notch, right? I agree that isn’t accurate enough.

Yes. The tuner’s pitch resolution is limited to 10 cents. While that might be good enough to be roughly in tune, that low resolution is not good enough for most musicians considering that intonation is typically expressed in “cents”.

It would request the tuner be updated to utilize the full horizontal pixel resolution of the LCD screen when drawing the intonation level.

There is an alternative tuner on the platform, available as beta plugin in the store Instrument Tuner - MOD Devices

Does that one work better?

(There is actually a hidden way to use this plugin as the tuner instead of the current one, but it will not help with the precision on the screen)

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I’m trying that out. It does provide a number showing to the 0.01 cent. Unfortunately its horizontal bar display providing a visual representation of the intonation is still just limited to what looks like only 10 cents, because the display uses a whole character “<” or “>” which takes up a whole horizontal pixel width of a character. That is the same problem with the built-in tuner’s display…cause it displays the intonation using rectangles about the size of a character, limiting the resolution.

I personally don’t enjoy looking at the tuner via the web gui because that seems to introduce extra latency.