Cannot log in or register with github

This has never worked but I have logged in with google. I also get a ‘something went wrong’ error.

what are you trying todo?

you mean login into the forum? @acunha is the one that can check this

  • @falkTX
    Yes, sorry, the forum that was a poor problem statement.

@Steve_Lee please try logging with github again. I have reconfigured the OAuth integration.

@acunha Perfect, thank you - it even used my existing account.

As an aside I love Auth0 - a brilliant service and great people. I even did a blog post for them a while back.

@Steve_Lee I’m glad your issue was resolved. I remember when myOpenID was a thing and it never really got enough traction. Then it died.

It’s hard to invest in a solution like Auth0 because you never know if they have enough steam to withstand several years. At the same time, trusting companies like Google and Facebook with their OAuth solutions is like inviting the devil to dinner.

Anyway, I’m glad your issue is resolved.

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yeah and the google docs drove me crazy