Can't download purchased plugin DT-1


I was curious about the DT-1 overdrive plugin and decided to buy it as a little new year gift for myself… The ordering went fine (order EU-1539), the plugin showed up as ‘purchased’ in the plugin store, but when I click on download I get the error “Can’t find bundle to install…”

screenshot MOD 2020-01-05 20-39-31

Expected/suggested solution

I should be able to download the plugin, install it and play with it.

Additional information

  • release:
  • controller: 2A34C73
  • Operating system: Linux Manjaro
  • Browser: Firefox 71.0 (64-bits)

DT-1 (and the other overtonedsp plugins) are not available for the Duo X, as it is a commercial (non-opensource) plugin as we rely on the authors to provide binaries for us and they did not actually do that…

Please send an email to, we will have to refund you.

Okay, thanks for the quick reply, I’ll send an e-mail. When it’s not available for the Duo X, it shouldn’t show up in the plugin store though… Maybe at least you could mention it in the plugin description?

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