Change order of presets


I wonder if it’s possible to change order of presets? I have tried without success in “load/manage presets”.
If it’s not possible, I would like to make a request for this feature. It would be really useful.


That’s not possible yet. I’m adding it to the list of features request.


bump? :slight_smile:
.along with the ability to remove “Default”?

and, in the absence of this ability, how can we “fake it”? it seems the order is alphabetical, ignoring numerals, right? i tried adding numbers at the beginning of my preset names, to force an order, but it seemed they still went in alphabetical order by the first letter, ignoring those numbers at the beginning.

so, is it right that the only option would be to name them somehow so that alphabetization puts them the way we want them? or am i missing something about the auto-ordering logic?

ok, it seems it’s something more complicated than straight alphabetization… numbers of spaces and/or characters messes that up. can someone explain the algorithm to me, so i can fake an order? :stuck_out_tongue:

later edit: i just made 5 presets, named:
…they retained their order over a reboot and reload.

then i re-named them (in that order) to:
…they still retained that order, even though it’s not alphabetical.

so it seems the order is alphabetical, by the ORIGINAL preset names, irrespective of subsequent re-naming. can anyone confirm?

My experience is that they reorder numerically if you number them at the start of the name. I have 100s 200s 300s - 100s being enhanced bass sounds, 200s being pads and ambience and 300s being pitch shifting and weirdness :slight_smile:

Any new boards I add slot into the main list in the right place. For banks, you can reorder by dragging them into a new order.

thanks steve!

are you saying the same thing for presets within a plugin? … that’s what i’ve been struggling with…

Ahhhh, sorry, I haven’t experimented with that. Will check :slight_smile:

(I keep forgetting that there’s a fairly well defined taxonomy to how the MOD works and think of presets as synonymous with pedalboards. Will get there eventually!)

…playing with some pedalboard presets here, and numbering them 10s, 20s, etc – not seeing them re-order when i re-start. does it need 3 digits, or is this really just not a reliable method?

in the end, i just grabbed the presets.json file (using scp) and had a look; the order in which the presets appear in that file is the order they show up in use on the MOD. so i just fired up emacs and fixed the order in the file, scp’d it back to the MOD, and “bob’s your uncle”… :slight_smile:

I would like to have the ability to assign each preset separately to an external footswitch.

I typically have about four parts to a song and it would be great to be able to jump to that preset without scrolling through with one button.

For example:
I typically have a intro, verse, chorus, solo presets.
I’d like to use a Midi Footswitch or the Mod XF4 and assign Intro to footswitch 1, Verse to footswitch 2, Chorus to 3, solo to 4.