Controller setting sticky per page

I know this might be a very edge case for most users, but I would find it really useful if you could assign a controller which is sticky across each page of controller settings.

The input volume at the top right is sticky. I might have some output effect that I want access to while tweaking stuff on every controller page.

I have tested trying to repeat the same control across multiple pages by assigning multiple CV controls merged into one output, but of course if any of them is at full, the others can’t decrease that. It makes sense that this doesn’t work.

I’m now using the newest RC, and loving the options of 6 pages!


I can understand the use case for what you are requesting.
I will be saving it on the requested features to discuss if it viable with the developers :wink:
Thanks for the suggestion



I guess the alternative, which currently isn’t doable, is have two controllers connect to a single setting. I think that’s probably way more complicated though. I’ve tried using CV routings to achieve this, and wasn’t able to.