Create a plugin: get cpu load, access to Vol and Gains and tuner


which could be an appropriate way to get MOD cpu load from inside a plugin?
And can I modify volumes and gains of MOD’s mixer from inside a plugin?
And can I access MOD’s tuner data from inside a plugin?

Maybe I can use alsa library?
There’s some example I can find?



Nobody has a tip for me, or maybe my question is not clear at all?


Hi @Guido,
I think, I understood your questions.

  1. There is a difference between CPU load and DSP load. On the Duo the return value of jack_cpu_load might be interesting to you. This value is not handed to plug-ins by the plug-in host. Can you describe a use-case where it would be needed?
  2. This is not an “appropriate way”. You would need to circumvent the host and control the alsa mixer.
  3. MOD uses the gxtuner code from the Guitarix project. The code is open so you could use it in a different way (that the LICENCE allows).

One start to learn LV2 programming is read e.g. this:, get code of simple plug-ins, study it and maybe ask questions on the LV2 IRC channel. For prototyping plug-ins I can also recommend FAUST (also see my slides here
I’m curious what you are actually up to?


Thanks for your answer @Jakob.

I’m intrested in CPU (or maybe DSP) load in this sense: if it’s over a certain level, let’s say 60%, my plugin chooses a simplified algorithm.

So, is there an unappropriate way? :wink:
MOD’s HardwareBypass plugin uses alsa controls in order to activate hardware bypass.
I have to change an instrument during the show and I’ve not enough time to enter manually DUO’s menu: how could I modify from software a channel’s stage and fine gain?

Yes, I saw it, but I wonder if using DUO’s tuner without plug in the chain another plugin maybe I can save some cpu ressource (and a little space on my desktop, my patch is already a bit messy…).
Tuner should dialog with a lite midi pedalboard I’ve built. It can show tuner’s messages on a led strip.

Any further tip is welcome!