Creating cascades


any idea how to make a few plugins turning on and off one after another in certain amount of time? Lets say I have 3 shimmer reverbs, all with different interval and I would like to turn first one on and turn off after 4 seconds, second one turn on after 2 seconds and turn off after 4 seconds, reverb 3 turn on after 4 seconds and turn off after 4 seconds (cascades;)?


could you do that with a sequencer that switches bewteen 2 channels on a switcher on each β€œhit”?


you can have a look at my pedalboard ZUGSPITZE R+ - MOD Devices

i use several cv rates to accomplish something similar. You just have to adept it for multiple reverbs by turning down the volume for each one.

or use @LievenDV version where a sequencer triggers these. I think MOD Team did this in a Video explaining the steps.