CV sequencer plugin?

Is there a modular synth type CV sequencer plugin? Ideally with CV inputs for reset, and advance to next step assignable to either a footswitch or other CV trigger, and control of quantity of steps in a sequence (e.g. ability to make an 8-step sequence reset after say 3 steps vs always resetting after the 8th step)

Example would be to use use audio-to-CV from a plucked guitar note to create a trigger CV, which advances the sequencer to the next CV value or values, giving you per note control of FX pedal parameters.

Having advance-to-next-step assignable to a footswitch, would also allow for a CV version of what I think snapshots does. So if you have 4 rows of CV knobs, each controlling various pedal parameters, pressing a footswitch to advance to the next step would give you the next set of 4 knob positions, etc.

Hopefully this makes sense - I’m a guitar player and also modular synth guy trying to combine the two worlds without fussing with MIDI. Also I just ordered the Dwarf and haven’t actually received it yet, so I have no hands on experience yet, just trying to do some research/prep



One option for that that will come later is ports of VCV modules, but yeah still a bit early on that front.


That’s good to hear! The stock VCV SEQ-3 is a perfect example of what I’m looking for. :+1:

VCV modules with mod sound too good to be true. :heart_eyes:

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