Dcoredump - Dexed [fixes]

Hi @jesse,

I made changes to mod-plugin-builder and created a pull request for Dexed. Can you check this?

Thanks && regards,


[EDIT: Please wait with pulling - I am in discussion about my last changes and perhaps I will fix something again. I will come back if I think Dexed is ready…]

Hi @jesse,

Ok, now I made the last changes. Please take a look at my pull request again.

Thx, Holger

Hi @Codeman,

Thanks again for the update, I have accepted your pull request and published the update (still in the community / “unstable” section).

I would really like for more people to have access to this great sounding plugin, is there anybody in our community willing to craft a wonderful GUI for it? As far as I can tell that is the biggest hurdle in moving it to the official / “stable” section.

// Jesse


Hi @Codeman ,

We would really like to move the Dexed plugin to our “Stable” section. So we are currently looking at the steps we need to take to make that happen. I’ve just did some testing again and the plugin itself seems very solid! As mentioned in the comment above, the GUI is one of the last obstacles. At the moment the GUI looks like a guitar pedal, so we do want to make a more suitable GUI for the plugin, and we are currently investigating the options.

Are there, as far as you know, any other issues with the plugin that I should take into consideration regarding moving it to stable?



Hi @BramGiesen

Yeah - me, too :smile:!

We are using the same plugin on Zynthian with jalv and mod-ui/mod-host and currently there are no problems known. I am using the same engine inside MicroDexed and there are also no problems.

What is not deeply tested:

  • CC 2 (breath controller)
  • CC 4 (foot controller)
  • CC ? (aftertouch)

They should work, because the same backend is used when turning the mod-wheel (and mod-wheel is working!).

The current code has a slightly wrong SYSEX implementation - you can’t edit SYSEX parameters or send sound data (e.g. from Herr Mueller On-line). I have fixed some parts inside MicroDexed and have to backport them to Dexed.lv2.

Portamento is not included in Dexed. But there are pull-requests for fixing this. I have added them to MicroDexed and they “seem to create sound” - but there are still bugs and they are currently not the full implementation of the original Portamento of a DX7.

Regards, Holger