Display updated values on my midi controller

Hi all, I have a midi controller (the fighter twister) that I have mapped to various controls in my ModDuo. When I change presets in the Duo, I want the twister’s encoder display values to update to match the Mod’s new values. Ideally, I would love it if the ModDuo software could somehow accomplish two-way parity, but I’m open to any manual workarounds.

I’ve tried to accomplish this via the infamous Mindi plugin, but I must be missing something because I can’t seem to be able to pick up a message on the twister from the Duo.

Can anyone point me to an example of how to implement the Mindi plugin?

Thank you! :pray:

cc: @ssj71

A few things to keep in mind about mindi:

The infamous mindi only sends a message when it is activated or when a value is changed. If you are using pedalboard presets then you can just set up mindi to whatever value you want the twister to show. When you load the preset and it should send it out to the MFT unless the new value of the preset is identical to the previous preset. This is a manual way and requires 1 instance of mindi for each knob and if you adjust the knob you are controlling in the preset, you must remember to also update mindi.

Another thing to keep in mind with mindi is that the midi channel is 0 indexed. I don’t know about the MFT but it may be 1 indexed so that channel 0 on mindi == channel 1 on the MFT. You can try for experimentation to set the CC number (data1) and value (data 2) to whatever you want and then scroll mindi’s channel setting through the whole range. This will send that CC on every channel.

Best of luck!

This is probably where my breakdown is occurring, how do I update mindi when a knob changes?

you’ll have to manually adjust the value in mindi too. So if you are adjusting the knob using the web interface or a hardware knob on the mod, you’ll just have to change mindi too manually. Mindi really is only useful in this context with presets where you know the control is at 12 o-clock for example, regardless of where it was before you loaded the preset. I’m not sure I’m describing it very well. Does that make any sense?

Gotcha, I think that makes sense. Do we know why the Mod team hasn’t implemented two-way mapping when using midi to control a parameter? Seems like that is what is needed.

I agree that is a more complete solution. I think the mod team just lacks the time/resources to add that feature. I believe their focus is on using their own peripherals like the footswitch and expression pedal and so midi is not much of a priority. It’s unfortunate because I would love something like the twister for the mod.


Cool, makes sense. I’ll see if I can capture what I’m hoping for in an appeal to the dev team. Thank you so much for your time and your amazing plug-ins!!

I posted an appeal for this feature here: Two-way Midi Mapping