Duo X and Bluetooth

I thought the Duo X comes with on board Bluetooth. The status in my system setting says ”unavailable”. The wiki for the Duo says this means no wifi dongle detected. I can enable discovery (which would make no sense without a blue tooth device) but my iPad can not find the DuoX.
So what is correct? No on board bluetooth for the X but misleading user interface in the system settings? Or dumb user (me)?

You are doing nothing wrong, the Duo X initial released shipped with lack of bluetooth, but already fixed now.
We will be releasing v1.7.2 very soon, this includes the fix for bluetooth.


Soon as „Release in 20 minutes“-soon? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

soon as 1 or 2 days


Yay! Thanks :pray:

I just updated to v1.7.2, but still, don’t get Bluetooth to work. Didn’t the fix made it into the release?

yes, I verified before posting. hmmm let me check again…

I am able to make the Duo X unit appear as a bluetooth device.
it almost connects to my laptop but something in the last step fails.
with my mac-mini it does connect and work properly though.

what bluetooth adapter do you have?
I might have to enable more drivers or firmware.

the one I am using is this one https://www.asus.com/Networking/USBBT400/

Okay, it seems we both misunderstood. Initially I was asking if the X comes with on board Bluetooth, which means without the use of an additional USB dongle. But I think it’s now clarified. I need an USB Bluetooth thingy to make it work… :joy:
Thanks mate!

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