Duo X: Factory reset

How do we factory reset a Mod Duo X?

You install an image that includes the user data. It will format yours and replace it with stuff from the image file.

We meant to automate this process, but has not happened yet.
For now we can make one at any point. Are you in a need of one?

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Thank you @falkTX.
I won’t need it any more, but others may need one in the future. Good to know that it can be easily created.


I am an owner of a MOD Quadra and when I restored factory defaults there was a power cut. Now, when bootup the display freezes at the first icon, before displaying the characters M, O, D.

What is the procedure to recover this? Where do I download a factory image and read the procedures to reinstall the software?

Thanks in advance!

Quadra? Not a Duo?

Better to ask support@moddevices.com, we have not done anything with the Quadra since many years.