DuoX - thankyou!

hello MOD community!

i just wanted to express my sincere thanks to the MOD team, and congratulations on the DuoX… i’ve just finished a recording session of a somewhat complicated composition for woodwinds with loopers and various effects, building up a number of layers of live and processed materials.

the project was a large undertaking, with many months of practising and technical configuration and troubleshooting. so, although the power of the DuoX was necessary to accomplish what was needed, i was a bit nervous about taking a new piece of hardware/software into a high-pressure situation like this – it was the very first “outing” of my new DuoX!

bottom line: my new baby was rock-solid through the entire session, switching snapshots flawlessly and taking parameter controls from onboard knobs/buttons, Control Chain footswitches, and some DIY MIDI controllers of mine without any fuss. …and sound quality was routinely excellent for studio use!

…a big relief for me, and leaves me confident going into a number of similar situations which are in my calendar for upcoming weeks and months.

again: thankyou!


Wow, is this something we can see/ hear?

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Thanks a lot for the follow-up @plutek

It is quite rewarding for us to get such feedback :wink:

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It’s so good to hear that @plutek!

I would also love to know / see / hear more about it!

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