DWARF Audio Interface

I would like to understand how I have to connect the DWARF to use it as an audio interface to record with my DAW (Logic Pro X)

This is under super experimental feature preview.
Details at Audio Through USB - MOD Wiki

It is not enabled yet because:

  1. Needs work and testing to verify and get it as stable as possible. For now, we just expose the feature but didn’t do any specialized work on it
  2. Needs a proper way to enable and disable, likely will follow similar steps on how you enable the net+midi mode in v1.10
  3. Depending on how things go, it might need some options for tweaking (in case we are not able to find a way to make it work 100% of the time, and some setups needing tweaks)
  4. We are pondering making a custom Windows driver (outsourcing to a company that does these sorta things, we get a verified/signed driver at the end). It is unclear if this is a requirement or not right now

So feel free to try it and mess around with it, but don’t expect it to work.
That said, most of the time it does work. We just can’t make any promises because we didn’t dedicate proper time to this yet, it is not an official feature just yet.


Honestly, I don’t feel like doing things I don’t know how to do. I hope someday I can connect the Dwarf to my MacBook Pro and record. My goal is to record pure guitar and edit the sounds from the DWARF in order to have the same sound Live used in the studio. Especially being able to change the sound while listening to the mix. Anyway, thanks for replying.


That is planned to be implemented for future OS releases. So it’s a matter of time for you to get it.