[Dwarf] Headphone output wrong channel order


I just noticed the order of output channels on the headphone output is wrong, i.e. output 1 is right and output 2 is left.

How to reproduce

  1. connect stereo headphones to headphone output
  2. load any stereo pedalboard or connect only to one of the output channels
  3. notice which channel is on which ear

Expected/suggested solution

I’m expecting output 1 = left and output 2 = right like with any other audio gear in the world :wink:

Additional information

  • release:

Same for me. Wanted to report this issue, but was to lazy.


Agreed. Many of the plugins label their first input/output as “left” and the second as “right” - having the headphone output match this would avoid a lot of confusion!

E.g. hook up a stereo mixer with its output 1 connected to Dwarf output 1, output 2 to Dwarf output 2 - pan a channel to the left and the sound moves to the right in the headphones!

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