External Midi Clock UI

Hej there,

was having fun with my beta-Dwarf and tried some Midi stuff.

I have noticed, that there is no real time update when changing the external midi clock tempo in the tools menu. Also there is no indication if a midi clock is received at all. You can recognize the change in tempo only if you update the tools menu by leaving it and entering it again.

Is it possible to have:

  • A real time update of the tempo when changing external midi clock tempo?
  • An indicator in the UI that an external midi clock is received?

There is space under the „clock source“ in TOOLS - TEMPO menu. Maybe put it there?



Saved on requests and will pass it for the dev team. The tools mode is something new implemented on the Dwarf, and may have some edges to improve.
Anyway, would suggest you to do this requests on the #dwarf-beta threat since there we have the dev team of the Dwarf paying a bit more attention.


There will be a new firmware image available in the very near future that mostly fixes a couple of bugs. It will also include real-time updating of the tempo value when changing the external midi clock tempo.

Regarding the second point, having the indicator that an external clock is received, that would need more development time. For now I will create a ticket in our development backlog, but I can not promise that it will be implemented anytime soon, as there are other features that take priority.

Thanks for your suggestions!



Sounds good - this is nothing of major importance, but something I just have recognized. If a change in tempo is updated in real-time, then this is all the information I need as I can see that there is an external midi clock present. :relieved: Thx @jesse


Glat to hear you guys are working at host tempo sync. While it is not unimportant to get a visual feedback on the mod of the tempo, it is of utmost importance for the mod to follow host tempo changes while keeping beat sync such today is NOT the case. I’ve sent tests results to Jon about it. Hope you resolve this soon as I’m working with tempo changes all the time and currently any tempo sensitive pedal like arpegiator, seqencers etc, loose beat sync as soon as tempo changes.