Finally ordered a Dwarf!

For longer than I’d care to admit, I’ve been torn with the choice between the Dwarf and another more mainstream guitar pedalboard option. Well just an hour ago I finally decided to jump in!

A few things tipped me over the edge on it:

  • I record on Linux, and the idea of being able to use my favorite production plugins (Calf, Dragonfly, Guitarix, x42, etc…) is really exciting for me. It means that performing live can actually be very similar to my recordings, including the avldrums kits.
  • On the avldrums thing, other fx processors drums are an afterthought, very stiff, and usually sound truly horrific. I’m extremely excited about the possibilities in that regard.
  • On a similar note, my basslines and accompaniments are usually synth, so this will open up a lot for me too.

But as exciting as those features are, what ultimately sold me was the fact that @brummer and @falkTX are active in this community. I’ve relied quite heavily on their work for my own creative outlet, and to see them backing this movement weighs quite heavily into my final decision. I’d like to thank both of them (and anyone else creating/maintaining/evangelizing for Linux/FOSS audio production) for the work they put in, MOD-related and otherwise.

Can’t wait to receive it and get creating!


Hi and welcome @FistfulOfStars

If I read all this, I think you will feel right at home when building your boards in the Dwarf!
There a lot of creative and resourceful people here and as you said, the guys that make it happen are on this board as well.

No idea what you you mean with avldrums so you gave me yet another lead to follow in my own journey :D.


Run the black pearl kit through pretty heavy compression and you’ll hear the drum sound from like 70% of the songs I’ve got down on tape.


Welcome on board @FistfulOfStars :slight_smile:
Really nice to learn what triggered you in. I’m curious to listen to your pedalboards and see what you get out of the Dwarf :slight_smile: