Footswitch display


I am finding the screens on the footswitch hard to see as the contrast is set too low from the factory. Is there a way of changing the contrast? If not, could the contrast be adjusted on the next footswitch update?




Hi @Timmyd,

I’ve sent you an email.



Thanks Mauricio for the quick response and hands on solution. Soldering iron is ready!


can I also get the contrast mod?


I’ve sent you a message with the info.


Is this still the official way to change the contrast on a footswitch? I recently got one but the screens are barely readble compared to the mod duo displays.


I tried the hardware fix but alas, to no avail. The contrast is still very low, barely readable… I did make contact regarding possibility of firmware update but haven’t heard anything since a brief reply.



I’d be happy to recieve the info aswell.
I already turned down the brightness of the MOD, adding a bit more brightness to the footswitch would match them up pretty good.
Thank you!


Hmm, that’s a shame…The only reason to use a control chain footswitch over a midi pedal was the display.


I just posted about this in the “Bugs” forum. Sorry, didn’t see this thread.

What’s the solution? ModDevices is having a sale which includes the footswitch. Has this been resolved in current units?


Does anyone know if the new expression pedal uses the same LCD screen as the footswitch?