Gain structure of the Mod Duo X

I have been tweaking a pedalboard to get a healthy input signal and to ensure that what goes in, is what comes out. However I now realize that I don’t understand the gain structure of the Mod Duo X.

The input gain control goes from zero to 100. Does 100 represent +10db, or what?
I usually have this set at 40%. But this percent is not ‘additional’ gain from a set input of zero gain, zero is actually no volume.

The output gain I can assume is just a % of whatever volume is happening inside the device, but if I connect it to a mixer, I’m basically treating the Duo as a -10db output. I assume 100% is just no drop in gain from whatever is inside the device. So I should leave this at 100%.

Is there an ideal gain to have at the start of a pedalboard? Compressors and other plug-ins are probably not ‘relative’ in this respect and would prefer a known max level.

Possibly I’ve missed some part of the wiki for this stuff.


I’m going to revise my previous post.
It looks like zero input gain is actually “some” gain - and the percent is additional gain.

I ran a synth signal to a mixer, and figured out max volume at -10db, then ran that into the Mod Duo, with the output set to 100%, and did hear signal with the inputs at 0%.

Raising the input to 15% gave me the same signal my synth previously had going direct to the mixer.

So I’m keeping my inputs set to 15% - and working around that.

But it would be good to know what the actual gain structure is.