Good speaker to use with MOD


Does anyone has knowledge or experience to share regarding a good choice for a speaker/amp to use with the MOD Duo and an amp emulator plugin in its chain? Ideally something what is easy to carry around.


You’ve got a lot of options there. Headrush makes one (the FRFR-112) specifically for that purpose but Yorkville, Yamaha, Alto, Behringer etc should work fine as well.

I personally use an Alto TS210 and while I haven’t gotten my Mod Duo X yet, I have tried it with Guitarix on Linux and it sounded fine.


There are so many power speaker options out there.
I used to use the Harbinger Vari speaker and worked just fine. Nothing amazing but it was cheap and did everything I needed. I don’t have them now but I used them for referencing PA systems since they sound so different than studio monitors.

If you have a music store with many options, I would go there and test them out.


I use the Vox Adio Air for my “amp”… I plug into the mains, but use the Vox as a personal monitor. It’s plenty loud for my use and it’s pretty compact. Prior to this, I used the Yahama THR10, which was super warm, but couldn’t handle the louder levels I occasionally need.

For a practice amp, it’s even better since it’s small and has Bluetooth for steaming audio. Finally, I plug into the Aux input from my rig in order to take advantage of the stereo speakers in the Vox.