GxBaJaTubeDriver, GxUltraCab, GxSuperSonic and GxEpic



Today I like to publish a couple of new plugs I’ve developed mainly for guitarists, but they may be useful for synth players as well. First one is the BaJaTubeDriver, which is a tube based Overdrive pedal, which has a strong async behave. It’s range is from smooth overdrive to mild distortion.

Next one is the UltraCab, a Cabinet simulation pedal, which not only response with the linear response, but as well emulate the non-linear part of a cabinet, so it could add the saturation of a cabinet. (this one is the perfect successor for the BaJaTubeDriver).
UltraCab comes as stereo plug.

The SuperSonic, a Tube Amp simulation, nice for clean sounds, as well nice as addition to any fuzz plug.

And the Epic, as well a Tube Amp, this one comes with a additional booster to drive it a bit harder, well, you may imagine, it sounds a bit harder then the SuperSonic, it’s for rock.

Pull request is send to mod-plugin-builder




Very much looking forward to trying these!!


I put one more in the box, the GxTimRay, jet a other overdrive pedal, but based on opamp and diode soft clipping.

this one is the perfect pre-processor for the Epic amp, if you are after the sound you’ll archive when playing on the big stages.
Here is a example of the TimRay followed by the Epic:


Awesome !