GxBaJaTubeDriver, GxUltraCab, GxSuperSonic and GxEpic


Today I like to publish a couple of new plugs I’ve developed mainly for guitarists, but they may be useful for synth players as well. First one is the BaJaTubeDriver, which is a tube based Overdrive pedal, which has a strong async behave. It’s range is from smooth overdrive to mild distortion.

Next one is the UltraCab, a Cabinet simulation pedal, which not only response with the linear response, but as well emulate the non-linear part of a cabinet, so it could add the saturation of a cabinet. (this one is the perfect successor for the BaJaTubeDriver).
UltraCab comes as stereo plug.

The SuperSonic, a Tube Amp simulation, nice for clean sounds, as well nice as addition to any fuzz plug.

And the Epic, as well a Tube Amp, this one comes with a additional booster to drive it a bit harder, well, you may imagine, it sounds a bit harder then the SuperSonic, it’s for rock.

Pull request is send to mod-plugin-builder




Very much looking forward to trying these!!


I put one more in the box, the GxTimRay, jet a other overdrive pedal, but based on opamp and diode soft clipping.

this one is the perfect pre-processor for the Epic amp, if you are after the sound you’ll archive when playing on the big stages.
Here is a example of the TimRay followed by the Epic:


Awesome !

Wow; you are incredibly productive!

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Just as a head up, let me tell you, that those freebies will come into the store. Just, the MOD team decided that they would push them into the stable store directly, so testing phase is taken by the MOD team. Also they would spend new custom UI’s for them, that’s why it takes a bit longer then expected.

In the mean time you may want to check out my latest commercial plugs from the store, the BoobTube:

and the ValveCaster

Be ensured that the sound quality of the freebies didn’t leak behind those two simulations.



Hello @brummer Hermann,

thanks for keeping us informed.
I think the web UI profits most from nice graphics for plugins.
Keeping development inside the MOD team makes the look and feel more consistent.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


And now, as well the first two of the freebies been available in the store, nice work work by the MOD design team:


They are all looking awesome @brummer
Glad you liked it! André has put a lot of love on those.

As the MOD team is busy with the MOD DUOX I asked them to upload the remaining plugs to the beta store for now, so you’ve something to play with.
There you’ll find now the UltraCab, the SuperSonic and the Epic. All prefixed with the Gx mark.

Have fun with them.


The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show has featured the GxValveCaster on Youtube.

Great stuff