Hannesbraun (airwindows) MV reverb

I gave this one a little test drive from the beta store today and it’s pretty neat, especially when the “regen” parameter is cranked up to 1.0 for infinite ambient sounds.

I found it a little CPU-hungry on the Dwarf with the “depth” parameter turned up, and it’s a little glitchy on the left side of the dial, but I found 0.2 to be a good balance. I think this parameter controls some sort of delay buffer length, so it seems to affect how long input sounds take to appear in the wet mix.

There’s a bit of detail on how it works on the airwindows page: MV | Airwindows

I find this style of reverb appealing because it’s not trying to emulate a room or space, so you can get a decently uncolored sound out of it.

Anyone else tried it? I’m trying to see if I can swap it in where I was using the Stuck effect, though I think it needs some CV automation to get it to latch on to a specific moment in time.