Having a tap button in general tempo would be nice

It would be nice to have a tap button in general tempo menu to can assign tap tempo with a midi controller.
I know that when we assign a mod footswitch to beats per minute, it uses tap tempo, but when you’ve got only 2 buttons, they can be useful for other assignations, and personally, I dislike the idea to have a perpetual blinking on stage, It may generates stress.

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I wholeheartedly agree! It would be nice to have a tap tempo that would allow all successive pedals to have their tempo/rate align with whatever BPM you set. Maybe have an option to link certain pedals or have a tap tempo option added for other pedals. Not sure if this is possible, but it would be pretty epic.

…that’s what gaff tape is for! :stuck_out_tongue: …personally, i find the visual tempo indication indispensible.

but, seriously: “MIDI learn” IS available for global tap tempo in the upcoming v1.5 (which is now at RC1!). …then it’s just a question of what plugins will support that host tempo. there are a number of them already, but i’m pretty sure it’s not yet universal.

@falkTX – any comments on this?

…that’s what gaff tape is for!
Your right ! i love gaffer too.Yes MIDI Learn is available, but try it, you will see it’s not a tap tempo but the tempo moving with the CC Value, not really usable.

…ah, right! i was thinking that MIDI messages which are usually on/off might work, but clearly that’s just a convention on the receiving end. yeah, i just tested i.e. #69 – oh well!

time to build your own tap button, with the Control Chain Arduino Shield! :slight_smile:

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I was wondering if there has been any update regarding this idea?
Just like a utility button that you could map the tempo of all time based mod fx to?