Headphone eq consistency


Well, I don’t know if it can be called a feature request… anyway:

I found headphones signal eq to be rather different from outputs eq.

  1. I built my first pedalboard listening through headphones (AKG K171MKii) and I found a satisfatory eq.
    When I plugged output to my amp (Markbass AC101, for acoustic instruments, quite balanced tone) I had to cut almost all bass and add much treble to obtain the sound I was looking for.

  2. I shared my pedalboard here after I did some corrections to balance tones, I recorded a sample. Listening to the shared sample (via PC, no eq, same headphones) I found the sample quite good but still containing more bass and little less treble than what I can hear with headphones plugged to Mod Duo.

  3. I tried to plug headphones to one of the outputs and, even if I was (obviously) obliged to listen with just one ear, sound eq coming from output 1 or 2 is different (more bass) than sound eq coming from headphone output.

Does anybody notices that?
If I’m not wrong, would it be possible for manufaturer to check for eq consistency, and eventually make eq similar to each other if not the same?

Cheers to all.


I’ve noticed this too. I wonder if it’s an output impedance problem because if you plug the headphone output into a headphone amp (!) or a normal pre-amp with a headphone output it sounds much better.

Can anyone from Mod Devices clarify this?

Thanks for posting Nicola - I’ve been meaning to say something for ages.