Headphone Jack as additional output

In my band I play guitar and keyboard both connected to the mod duo. Since there are just two outputs I don’t use the stereo capabilities of some plugins for the keyboard. Now I’m wondering if the headphone output is hard wired to the two outputs or if it’s software mixed. If it’s just software I could theoretically use the headphone output for the keyboard. What do you think?

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It would be great to have the headphone out as an assignable output. That way I can use it as a monitor mix for myself.

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I’m afraid that’s not possible.
Headphone and audio outputs come from the same audio bus on the CPU.

Gianfranco said that there might be a processor board upgrade some day. Would it be possible when upgrading the number of audio busses too?

That’s not possible. The headphone outputs come from the audio codec which was designed to output either the DAC signal or the inputs signal after the gain amplifier.

Just stumbled over this (quite dated) thread, because I had the same situation with guitar and keyboard combination. So I understand that headphone jack and other output can’t be sepperated. Would it be technically possible to upgrade the outputs to stereo jacks?