Headphones - guitar through 1 side mono

I’ve been using dwarf mostly with monitors with just guitar - I plugged in headphones recently to listen to my guitar and backing track,

I have my guitar plugged into input 1 - the input gain is set to 78%.for both 1/2

Output gain set to 76% for both 1/2,
Headphone Output is 60%

I have the audio file playing backing tracks. That is coming into my phones as stereo by default if I set output from Stereo Gain to both outputs.

Problem is the guitar is only coming into 1 side of the headphones. I get the backing track through both.

I read that setting the advanced setting for copying the mono output buffer to unused channel solves that.

I could only get that working by removing output 2. It kind of works except I’m not getting sterero from my backing tracks - it’s summed mono. Now that is okay for mono source like guitar but I’d rather have stereo from backing track and mono sum from the guitar when using headphones. See screen below for my basic pedal board. Is that possible?

I’ve got it working using 2 mono to stereo switches to send my guitar to both sides

Not sure if that is best way to do what I’m looking for.

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Why not just send your guitar to both sides of your stereo gain? No need for the switches.

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Tried that - headphones match output - guitar was only output from output 1 hence that’s why only 1 side of phones working - when I plugged in output 2 from gain pedal there was no signal on 1 side of phones

If you’re referring to your first post, there you only have your guitar going from input 1 into one input of the stereo gain, and then from only one output of the stereo gain to one output of the Mod.

The major difference between that and your second post is that in the second post you’re using both ins and both outs of the stereo gain, and are going to both outs of the Mod. The switches are superfluous in that setup. If you delete them and draw one cable from input 1 to the top input jack of the stereo gain and draw a second cable from input 1 to the bottom input jack of the stereo gain, you should get the same sound as you have with the switches.

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This is part of the issue in your first posted image. Backing track is going into both sides of the stereo gain but guitar is only going into one side.


Let me give that another try

Still only coming through 1 side of cans with connect suggested.

You’re STILL only connecting to one input of the stereo gain! You need to connect the guitar to the second input.

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The stereo gain has two ins and two outs. IN 1 will only ever feed to OUT 1, and IN 2 has no signal which is why OUT 2 is quiet. Draw a second cable from MOD input 1 to the empty input of the stereo gain.


That’s working fine. I have backing tracks working too in stereo - not intuitive to do that as I still have physical cables in mind when working with dough. Thanks for guiding me to get that sorted.


Hi @nelson_fretty
In fact you didn’t understand that you can connect one output to many input as you want, without any pugin or mono to stereo converter.
So you can connect the input 1 to output 1 and 2 of the volume plugin directly.
Just try!


we can do things with dwarf that defy nature - dwarf is a band in a box with that capability.


Yes, with Mod devices you just have to forget what you learn about pedalboard and wiring. :wink:

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Annoying thing is I went to such effort to build a pedalboard with custom cables early last year - don’t think I need that - okay I learnt to solder cables and can sell pedals and get a smaller board so not end of world. Might keep a few pedals but the majority can go.

Innovation comes from open platforms - now the open/closed battle with closed source has been won in the software world - the hardware world has some way imo - the dwarf is going to shake things up I expect in this regard - especially if lvl gets wider daw compatibility


Spread the word!

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