Hello MOD community! A few words from the new CEO


Awesome, looking forward to it :slight_smile:


hi Ronny - somehow I missed this post when it first came around!

Welcome to MOD-world. Looking forward to where the next stage in the journey takes you all :slight_smile:


Hey Steve, thanks for the massive support. We are working on several projects right now, which we will announce step by step starting in a few weeks. And yes… designs for the expression pedal are coming along nicely :wink:


Hi @MOD_Ronny, any update on this? Thanks!


@aspiers Update about the production process, pre-sale link and preview of the product still coming this month.


@MOD_Ronny thanks, that sounds exciting! It must be be keeping you all very busy.

When you have a moment for a breather, it would be great to come back to this idea discussed above - of numerically quantifying the demand within your existing customer base for the most burning issues we have with the software / hardware, to help guide the next stages on the roadmap.


There are a few critical things to get done still this year, which we focus on at the moment. Many of these include user requests that have been previously addressed. As soon as those are out of the way, we will for sure do a customer survey before the end of the year. This will most definitely (once again) influence what we will do next year.