How do you install the Mod SDK?


I was able to install the docker toolbox and the MPB.I guess the next step is to install the Mod SDK. How do you do that? I guess the instruction is assuming you are using Linux and not Docker?


I was able to find the instruction how to run the Mod SDK on Windows. I was also able to pull the SDK image from Docker Hub and run the respective command. But my browser is not able to connect to localhost:9000 and windows is not asking if I want to share drive C:\ with Docker. Any idea what went wrong?



What was the command you run? If Windows is not asking for permissions, chances are there is something wrong in the path.

Algo, can you share the output the command printed in the terminal window?


When I typed “docker pull leogermani/modsdk_test” I get “Status: Image is up to date for leogermani/modsdk_test:latest”.
When I typed “docker run -p 9000:9000 -v /c/Benutzer/my-lv2-folder:/lv2 loegermani/modsdk_test” there is no response.


there is a typo in the second command “loegermani” instead of “leogermani”. Just checking if this was just here or if it was in the command you typed


The typo is just here, not in the command I typed.


I think I got it worked out: I have to use machine-IP:9000 instead of localhost:9000 inside the browser.


Now, I have compiled the eg-amp-lv2 example and it sits in ~/mod-workdir/plugins/. When starting the modsdk inside docker I am telling it to look in /c/Users/my-lv2-folder for plugins but it is obviously empty. How do I tell it to look into ~/mod-workdir/plugins/ or how do I copy it from ~/mod-workdir/plugins/ into /c/Users/my-lv2-folder ?


Hi @deligut,

You should replace “/c/User/my-lv2-folder” with the actual path to the folder where you are storing your LV2 plugins. This is just an example.

So perhaps you should use: "/c/Users/Benutzer/mod-workdir/plugins/ " or something like this


i think the answer to this one is: when runing mpb you have to use the -v option. -v ~/local-mod-folder:/tmp/local-mod-folder. This creates in Windows a folder “local-mod-folder” under /c/Users/Username/. And in docker a folder /tmp/local-mod-folder/. These two folders now share the same content. When you compile as per instruction the eg-amp-lv2 plugin resides in docker in ~/mod-workdir/plugins/. You now have to copy it to the shared drive using cp -r ~/mod-workdir/plugins/ /tmp/local-mod-folder/. You can now see in Windows the plugin in /c/Users//Username/local-mod-folder/plugins/. When running sdk you have to use -v and state /c/Users//Username/local-mod-folder/plugins:lv2.


Hi @deligut,

I havent tried to use the docker ModSdk image along with MPB, so Im not sure I understand why you have to do things this way.

Anyway, what do you think of adding this note to the Wiki page so others can benefit from this research?

Let me know

cheers and thanks


Sounds good. How would I add anything to the Wiki page?


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