How Hackable is the Duo? / Can web interface be replaced?



I can likely figure a lot of this out on my own, but why not go straight to the source? :slight_smile: Is it generally feasible for end-users who know what they are doing to build their own custom releases? For example, if someone desired to customize or replace the default web interface is that within reach for a knowledgeable developer?

I’ve browsed through the various repos on Github and get the gist of how everything fits together. Is there any end-to-end (public) documentation for how to make a build image? Are there any software dependencies that aren’t available in the MOD repos?


While you cannot replicate a MOD image yourself (not without a big amount of work), the web interface is hackable, yes.
See the comments on this pull request

I use a variation of that script when developing.


Very cool, thank you! I’ve added a note to the PR for the password.

Really neat to have shell access to my stompbox (I promise to be careful).


There are three tinned solider pads on the bottom PCB labled tx/rx/gnd I’m assuming this is a serial console, which might give a shell on the device, which could lead to deploying custom UI code. It also could break your unit.


Shell access as root is already available via ssh when your Duo is connected to the network, and one can easily copy files across, manage running services, etc. No hardware modifications necessary :slight_smile:


the root account has a password. so that’s a thing.


Ask the mod guys, they will give it to you.


the password is mod


The solder pads give access to a serial console but only to receive data, it can’t send data. Opening up your Duo and making modifications this way does void your warranty.



You cant invite hackers and then told them they lose warranty if they really hack!!


lol, there’s also a SATA port!

I guess my warranty is voided :slight_smile:

Also, @autostatic thanks for all the Rpi cross compiled packages. Your project is what originally led me to MOD when I built the mod-host on a raspberry pi.


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Sorry brummer, it doesn’t void your warranty, it may void your warranty. Wrong wording :no_mouth: And I mean soldering something onto the pads and breaking your Duo may void your warranty. You’re free to open up the MOD and have a look inside, there are no seals and nothing is gooped.


It’s not voided, I wasn’t specific enough, sorry about that :frowning: And there’s a SATA port yes, quite some dev boards with an Allwinner SoC have those ports like the Duo core board’s close brother, the Cubieboard. And you’re welcome, always super cool to hear that stuff you do inspires others!


Thanks @autostatic for clarifying. I’m glade to hear that.