How to install non-stable plugins

I feel a little bad writing about this, but I know users will be asking for it, so might as well have a proper place for such information and discussion…

Before installing them, be warned:

  1. We do not support the use of non-stable plugins.

  2. You cannot share pedalboards containing such plugins.

  3. You can expect things to break if you install too many of them at random.

  4. You risk your live gig going wrong if you use them live.

With that said, it should be safe if you install 1 or 2 plugins from there, test them first, then slowly use them with some precaution.
If a plugin causes the MOD to become unstable or unpredictable, please uninstall it as soon as possible.

After a plugin proves to be stable, feel free to mention it to us and we’ll give it some attention.
If lots of users say the same about the same plugin, we’ll do an effort to bring it to the stable section.

Now, you ask, how exactly do we enable non-stable plugins?

Well, it’s somewhere on this page:

Have fun! :wink:


Hi falkTX!

This is great info and thanks for sharing. I realize a lot of people here are also developers and are Linux people (myself included) and because of that many are very comfortable with experimenting with things and ‘hacking’ them. As someone who also has been a working musician for almost 30 years I personally feel when it comes to gigging I definitely do NOT want any risk to something as important as my signal chain. My point is… I think it’s awesome that people here have the choice to try and test new things and I know not everyone is using the MOD for the same thing, but from the MOD Team’s point of view I think it’s VERY important that you guys don’t let the comfort many users have with hacking influence how easily you make decisions on what goes stable or assume “ahhh the users will get it for themselves if they want it” and delay moving them to stable. I can see by your warnings in your post you are taking this seriously and I just want to applaud that and make sure you continue. I personally am more than happy to wait until plugins are sufficiently vetted to become stable (or become commercially available). Hacking is fun… but gigs are sacred :wink:

Thanks to you all for your tireless work!


I am not a programmer at all… so when I went to the wiki page I have no idea what it all means…

@jesse was going to show me at NAMM but we didn’t get a chance to sit down and do it… Would it be possible to have a step by step instruction or video?
I know this will take some time but it would be so educational for me… Maybe you can have @jesse do it… :sweat_smile:

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I don’t want to make it too easy…

There’s a section about unstable plugins on that wiki page, that’s all I can say.
If you can’t manage to find it and enable them, then you should not be using them.
(As reverting any bad changes will require even more deeper computer knowledge)

Gian gave me instructions on how to get to see the unstable plugins. I’m all good now. Thanks!

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Is there a way to filter to see only “unstable” plugins in my Duo?

I want to be able to go straight to those so that I don’t have to search through all the stable ones… Just a thought…

well, you should probably only install a very few at a time and test them, so if you make note of which you added you can just search by name. I’d probably rather them keep working on features :slight_smile:


I thought it may be a hidden feature… :slight_smile:

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So cool ! Many new delay and reverbs ! A lot of them are still not working as expected of course. Well, I still want more :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for giving us this opportunity !

we’re making some actions that will bring us a ton of plugins.

wait and see :wink:


stars in my eyes :star:

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well, i’m used to living on the bleeding edge… not that i won’t welcome a bunch of these unstables coming into general release, but i’ve found some things in there which are vital to what i like to have available in performance.

so YAY! :smiley:

…we’ll see how often my rig crumbles into a smoking pile of rubble on stage :dizzy_face:

What would be the procedure for recovering from a bad bad bad problem with an unstable pluggin ?

Depends on how bad it is.
worst case scenario the mod becomes unbootable, but usually you can just ssh into the mod and remove the bad plugin (or all of them).

no matter the case, the duo is not brickable software-wise.

Just out of curiosity, what is the way out in the unbootable case ?

Either fully reset the MOD, or sideload boot (from FEL) to recover data and/or fix things manually.


Apart from that, would there be a way to do a full backup of the Mod ? Would a simple tar of the whole filesystem via ssh be enough to guarantee a full recovery later ?

Just backup /root/.pedalboards and /root/data.
The OS components can be deployed anytime, and plugins are easily installable.

Great ! Thanks for the tip !

So…Is it possible to do a backup onto my mac? The answer may have been written somewhere, but I’ve been looking around the forums and haven’t found a definitive answer (that I understand).

I get it if this is a future thing.