Hum, whine, noise MOD DUO

Hello Everyone,

I’ve found myself unable to use the MOD DUO recently due to a very ugly whine it makes. I’ve tried plugging it into the same circuit as the amp and I’ve run a cable to another circuit. I’ve tried a variety of pedalboard configurations as well as with nothing. I am running it alone when I try and I’ve worked through a series of cables, guitars, and amps all the the same effect. I’ve tried running with no pedal emulations and without. I know many of us report similar issues and I am curious if it’s the power cable that comes with the DUO.

Below is a sample. Note this is on a clean channel of a multivalve Dual Rectifier.

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Considering that this is a MOD Duo, did this just start happening now? When and from where you got it?

I suggest you also take a look and try these techniques here. Just the ground loop compensation is not available for the MOD Duo.

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Hi. I have a similar noise when my computer is running.
It took me 2 months to find the solution: power off the computer.
Have you a computer running in the same room?


To be clear here, the option is not visible on the Duo because it is always on.