IConnectivity 4+

I was surprised today when I connected an M-Audio MidiSport 2x2 to the USB host port of my Mod Duo. The 2 ins and outs were recognized and I was able to route them as I see fit.

Will a iConnectivity4+ Be as easy?


Slightly off-topic… it would be cool if you could plug a USB soundcard into the MOD, route it using alsa_in and alsa_out, and have the audio IO show up in the MOD UI. Imagine plugging an interface with 8 inputs and being able to add effects to each one individually!

I’m no engineer but having latency from the USB Soundcard would be a bit disastrous while stroming your guitar that is plugged direct into the DUO …

Not necessarily. I use a USB soundcard on my Linux computer, and I have 4 ms latency. No latency when playing the guitar with effects.

I am not looking into audio routing at this point, only MIDI data. I have at least two keyboard controllers, that uses DIN MIDI connection as well as a 12 Step foot controller with only USB and an iPad docking station with both DIN and USB.

The problem is that, for some pedalboards, I sometimes want a controller to drive virtual pedals in the DUO and at other times to drive a software in my iPad (such as Garage Band). I also use “SetList Maker” in the iPad to send program changes to many devices at once (including the DUO) when selecting a song.

This can be achieved with my current setup but it involves a lot planning of what is connected where. The best would be to have all the MIDI routing done in the DUO pedalboard.

The iConnect4+ offers a lot of connection possibilities but I wonder if it will require some kind of software driver to work with the DUO as it does for a Mac or a PC.

I understand, sorry for hijacking your thread — I just got excited about plugging a USB sound card.

I’ve been using the MOD for MIDI connectivity. My current setup has a K-Board, a Boppad and a 12-step connected via USB to the MOD (using a small hub), all connected to the MIDI out and going to an Octatrack. I also use a Midi Fighter Twister for controlling the plugins in the MOD.

I don’t have experience with the iConnect4+, but seeing that it’s listed as “USB class compliant MIDI” it should just work. In my experience, music equipment that works with iOS also always works with Linux, since they have to be class compliant.

No problem.

The iConnectivity guys also have a device named iConnectAudio4+ that may interests you.

So, in the end, the used iConnectMIDI 4+ I was looking at has been sold and I lost my opportunity for a good deal. :frowning:

Last night, I changed the way I connect my devices and freed up some DIN ins and outs. This will allow me to use the MidiSport 2x2 for now.

Essencially, I use a USB hub to connect the iPad Dock, the 12 Step and the MidiSport to the MOD DUO’s USB host port. Then, I connect an old M-Audio Oxigen 8 controller to the MidiSport DIN which leaves me another DIN for another controller if I need to.

An issue I have is the following:

I use SetList Maker software on my iPad to send Program Change to the MOD DUO in order to select the pedalboard associated with a song. The MOD DUO will accept these Program Change only if it comes from the DIN connector on the DUO itself. So, in addition to having my iPad Dock connected to USB, I need to connect the Dock DIN to the DUO DIN. It works for now but I would prefer having one less cable if at all possible.

If someone has a idea on why this is the case, I’m all ears !

This is interesting. I thought all Midi information was accepted through USB.
Do you send other MIDI info out from your iPad to the Duo through USB?

I’ve been thinking of a configuration like this where a computer or tablet would be used in conjunction with the Duo.

This is odd ….

Today I did more tests and, for some reason, now the DUO accepts the PCs from the iPad Dock while connected with USB.

Maybe the fact that the DUO was powered on today re-initialized something …

Oh well, all for the better … :wink:

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Cool! Good to know. Let us know if the status changes.

I don’t use it regularly, but I’ve setup pedalboard navigation to work with a USB controller and PC messages. I try to boot up with all my external devices connected because my mapping seems to work consistently that way. I occasionally check the midi connections to make sure unused devices are not still selected.


You are right about powering up the DUO with all devices already connected.

I also find that, at power up, the DUO does not necessarily remember the last “bank” of pedalboards you used. This especially after I edited a pedalboard using a web browser.

So far, I did not find a way to select a bank via MIDI. This means I have to be careful that the bank I want to use is properly selected otherwise, SetList Maker ends up selecting the wrong pedalboard.

To my knowledge this is not yet supported.

That gave me an idea for a new feature for quickly checking overall system status: System status summary when ready