Is NRPN support coming for the Duo X?

Is there any plan to add NRPN support?
And I’m posting this in the hardware section, because I’m wondering if the Duo X encoders have a 14+bit resolution to even make it possible.

The encoders do not use MIDI, so asking for NRPN there does not make sense.
On Duo X (and new Duos) the encoders are steppy, each step moves 1 value.
When doing the parameter addressings there is a option to set the sensitivity for float controls (33 steps being default).
For integer and list-type parameters, the precision is 100% :slight_smile:
Each step moves a single value

Now regarding supporting MIDI NRPN messages in MIDI learn, this is not supported yet.
What hardware do you have that supports this?

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Thanks for the explanation. You’re right, my question is confusing.
I was trying to understand how many steps were available per encoder revolution to see if we could transmit smooth data changes via NRPN (but also for internal generators) without having to rotate those encoders a lot when using 14-bit resolution. A dual-mode (fine/coarse) based on speed would probably work great.

Synths I’m aware of which support NRPN and that I have or have an interest in:

  • A lot of DSI/Sequential synths
  • Novation Circuit
  • Novation Peak
  • Audiothingie Micromonsta
  • ASM Hydrasynth
  • Tasty Chips GR-1
  • Korg Microkorg
  • External VSTs/LV2 running on another device.
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Not sure if is this you are referring to, but you can set the sensitivity of the encoders. Check Jeremy’s video at this point:

He is referring to MIDI Non-registered parameter numbers, a way that some MIDI controllers have to send 14-bit values instead of the traditional ones in MIDI which are 7-bit only (with maximum resolution of 128 steps).
128 steps is noticeable when changing something like a filter, sounds steppy and non-smooth.
So it is understandable one wants to avoid using them too much, at least for things that require precision.

The 2nd version of the MIDI spec is public since a few months, but hardware that uses it is lacking.
(And no, MOD does not support MIDI2 yet, almost nothing does at this point…)

There is MIDI pitchbend btw, acts the same way for MIDI learn in the MOD.
Though I do not think many controllers will actually use it to send regular knob/slider changes…
So perhaps not very useful for your usecase