Issue with keeping multiple Sonuus i2Ms setup



I have six Sonuus i2Ms (each set up to cover one string) plugged in and set up without any issues. I then save the pedalboard.
But…then I go back and any plugin that was connected directly from any of the multiple i2Ms has been reconnected so that everything is now coming from only one of the i2Ms.

How to reproduce

  1. Set up multiple Sonuus i2Ms (or several midi devices under the exact same name?) within one pedalboard to the point where things are as intended.
  2. Save the setup.
  3. Exit that pedalboard, and then reopen it.

Expected/suggested solution

My main suspicion is that since they all appear under the exact same name and midi channel, the MOD tries to simplify things so that anything listed as coming from a Sonuus i2M MIDI 1 is just coming from one of them?

Is there a way I can name the midi sources in my Mod to keep them recognized as separate devices?

Or any other suggestions? I’ve also tried making my i2Ms set to different midi channels, but they are always read as MIDI 1.

Additional information

Version: v1.6.2
Restore: b221042
System: 9980b86
Controller: a5fa955

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: Mac
  • System version: Mojave 10.14.1


Hi @Treelemon,

Could you send us an email to so we can open a ticket to try and get this sorted out?



Hi @Treelemon ,
thank you for your proper problem description and sorry for the late response.
I don’t have multiple of the same MIDI devices at hand. Could you please provide with more information?

  1. Connect your Duo to the Mac. Connect the MIDI devices.
  2. Start a terminal and type:
    ssh root@modduo.local
    Password is mod
  3. Type:
    jack_lsp -A
    This should list the Jack port names of all MIDI devices. Please provide me the output-printing of this command. It should be similar to this:
  1. Type exit and close the terminal to get back where you started.

Please also let me know if I am asking for to much tech-savvy skills here. Then I’ll think of another approach.
Best regards,