Keeping recorded loops when unplugging

Hi everyone,

Will there be a way in the future to keep recorded loops stored on the device (either dwarf or X) between sessions ?

Thanks in advance

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Yes, possible starting in v1.10 with the lv2 state extension.
Plugins will have to code support for it though.


Would that state extension also allow for the creation of simple recorders (not to say DAWs) ?

It is the 1st step. After file loading (planned for v1.11) and then full DSP<->UI message passing, pretty much any kind of plugin will be possible to be developed.

For recorders, might end up working well.
In preparation for file-handling, v1.10 already comes with the dedicated folders for each different file type automatically created when booting, so plugins can already start putting file in /data/user-files/Audio Recordings for example. (later on with a GUI tool to manage them)


Awesome !!!