Knobs in 1.6.0 a bit too sensitive?


Does anybody else feel like the knobs have become a bit too sensitive in the new 1.6.0 software release? It’s definitely better than the previous extra-sluggish speed, but I’ve gotten in the habit of stepping on the right-hand encoder with my foot to enable the tuner, and I’m now finding I’m accidentally turning the knob a bit almost every time I do that.


Hi @daniel :slight_smile: I’m very new to the MOD DUO and only know the 1.6.0 version but I’ve notice extra sensibility of the knobs when I click to select menus…Very often the previous/next item is selected instead :roll_eyes::grimacing::roll_eyes: !!


I’m getting better at controlling the new hyper-sensitive knobs, but dialling it back just a little bit would maybe help a little :slight_smile:


Would there be a way to configure that sensitivity as a personal preference ?


sensitivity as a personal preference

We’re still talking about music hardware here right? :wink:

Idea for alternate UX:

  1. Hold press knob 1 activates settings
  2. Footswitch 1 cycles through options
  3. Footswitch 2 selects


yep I feel the same,menu list are a little more tricky than it was in 1.5
Letting us configure knobs sensitivity would be nice.


…with separate configs for the menu and for each knobs assignments…it’s a little bit boring to turn three times to cut off synth filter frequency :sweat_smile: !


You can configure your assignments sensitivity on the “Advanced” settings when doing the assignment (see page 17 of the user manual).


I think that the “sensitivity” as described in the manual is more like an “accuracy”…which permits to avoid step sounding when changing cutoff values, for example. I think more about the “speed” to run through min to max values…(sorry for my bad english :roll_eyes: )


Starting from the next version 1.6.1, the knob sensibility will be reduced when navigating in the menu.


That would be great! Please make the reduced sensitivity also apply to scrolling controls like when you have a knob assigned to a presets list.


Sure, thanks for pointing that out.