Looking for some details on how banks work

The title says it all :slight_smile: - I’m having hard times figuring out the way banks work.

How do I load a pedalboard when I’m in the banks interface?

Is it the way it is supposed to work?

How do I navigate from one bank to another?

Thanks for your help!

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When you’re using the web interface you have to load the pedalboard from the pedalboard library. The bank screen let you organize the pedalboards in banks to be used when you are not connect to the laptop.

To select the current bank you have to use the settings menu via display controller.

Please check the user manual for more details.


Thanks for your answer! I don’t know why but I was pretty sure there was no manual for the Duo, just the wiki, so I didn’t even check to be sure :no_mouth:. There is a manual and it actually looks quite detailed… My bad!

It went out yesterday. :slight_smile:


Haha alright. THAT is timing.

way to go… the manual looks great. :vulcan_salute:

If I make a new bank, I can’t enter a name.
I tried with both Chrome and Edge.
What could be the reason?

Hi @phonaak,

Can you describe a little further what is happening that prevents you from editing the name?

Here is a quick animation showing how this is supposed to work:

I know it works, of course, but even though I click there, I can’t write

Can you open the javascript console and check it there are any errors there?