[Low priority] Buggy display in Dwarf when there is a concurrent refresh


If an alert appears and a footswitch is pressed (or rotary is pressed), then exhibition is mixed.

How to reproduce

  1. Connect mod dwarf on PC, and access mod-ui
  2. Press the center and right footswitch concomitantly, the equipment will show the following message: ATTENTION: Please disconnect the web-ui...
  3. When the message is present, try to press a footswitch or rotate the rotary encoder
  4. The display will show a mixed message. (This is expected?)

A sample:

Expected/suggested solution

Actually, I don’t know. Maybe appears the original header (Pedalboard/Patch name) instead ATTENTION.

Additional information

  • release:
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What do you mean with “exhibition” ?

Exhibition = What’s appears on display.

Apparently, I made a translation mistake. :sweat_smile:

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reported as well :wink: and I didn’t even notice the translation mistake :sweat_smile:

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