Making my own Electro Harmonix MOD REX pedal on the DUO


Occasionally, I see a really neat pedal that comes on the market and I almost buy it until I realize that I can make it on my MOD DUO. This happened to me when I watched the video for the new Electro Harmonix MOD REX pedal.
There is no single plugin which can do what the MOD REX does… but we have all the components to make it! Not only can we make it with the Duo, but we can customize it even further. Currently, the plugins I used don’t sync to the master BPM and I hope there is an update which will do this. The workaround is to set each one individually and calculating the Hz to the BPM or a sub-division.

For the demonstration, I use three square wave generators set at 55, 110 and 220 Hz. Blending the octaves give some more depth to the note and gives the phaser and filter more frequencies to make interesting. You can feed it anything you want and it will surely make it interesting.

In the end, I think I was able to achieve the goal of creating what the EHX Pedal Does. I just saved myself $249!

Scroll Down to a link of the pedalboard I created…

Here is the EHX video I watched…


Great ! Thank you, I will try. I was also very interested by the Mod Rex.
I also wish more plug-in sync to the master BPM in the future !