Midi Sequencer Reset

I’m using a midi sequencer to drive a drum generator - and it works well in that capacity.
I worked out how to sync it with system Tap Tempo, which is brilliant.
I want to be able to trigger the sequencer to reset/start upon tap of a button or a CV trigger. I have two loopers that I’ve synced together using CV control, so they both start/stop and record simultaneously, which keeps their loops in sync with each other. If I could use the same CV control to start the sequencer at the same time, then it should keep everything in sync.
I can stop it, and start it easily. But I can’t see a way to reset it and trigger it in the way above. Also if synced to a tap tempo I can can’t see a way to reset it at all - as the only method I could see is Midi Panic, which isn’t ideal, and only works if you’re using a separate clock.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to reset/sync-start a sequencer with something like a looper?


I did it previously on a pedalboard. If you are using the onboard clock then you can stop and start the clock which has the effect of stopping and starting the sequence. Can’t help with the tap tempo though!

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Thanks @shaggydog ! Can you give me a rough idea of how you achieved this? I get the premise, but I am not sure exactly how I would trigger this.

Also, is there a way to automate multiple types of triggers (like say a couple of button presses, and the clock start/stop on a single function). I can see how to trigger certain things with a Midi on/off, but that relies on another external unit. I’m sort of referring to a macro of some sort, where I could trigger multiple “commands” at once on a button press or CV trigger. Or such as recalling a preset or snapshot that only changes specific variables rather than restoring the state of the full board. This came to mind because I’ve worked with commercial DSP’s that have these kind of features built in, and I figure it might be feasable on something smaller scale like this.

If you put a “Control to CV” plugin on your pedalboard, go into it’s settings, set it to 10V, go to the on/off switch and link it to a footswitch on your device and then under “advanced” give it a name you can then use this switch as a CV control for other devices. If you then click on the BPM down at the bottom right of the pedalboard set “transport” to a CV setting you can then pick the CV plug in that you linked to the footswitch by name. You can use as many “Control to CV” plugins as you want, and link each one to as many devices as you want. You can control different permutations of Control to CV plugins from other ones, and make as complex a system as you want. Alternatively you can just use a looper like ALO (beta testing at the moment) which runs linked to the internal BPM if set like that and just control the start/stop of the clock from one footswitch and each of the loop functions from others.