MOD at Sónar+D 2018

Hola amigos!

Next week we will be at the MarketLab of Sónar+D in Barcelona with a booth showcasing the MOD Duo, MOD Footswitch, our new commercial plugins and…

…we will unveil a new audio processor!

We kept this information very close to our chest and will officially roll out the specs next week. I can say that it is more geared toward electronic musicians. We will also open up pre-orders next week for those who are interested (as this is a limited edition product).

So, if you happen to live or pass by Barcelona next week, come see us, check out the new gear and hear @jesse play some cool tunes with it alongside singer/DJ/producer Katarina Holmberg, a.k.a. Tigerlight.

Happy times!

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Congrats MOD team, enjoy!

I noticed something else on the site the other day, but haven’t seen any announcement or official info…

And there is a shopify link, which I’m pretty tempted to put my CC into at this point (I was just getting ready to start shopping for external power pack)…



Yep… there’s that too :slight_smile:

Just saw the DUOX on the website.
Any pics?
How much more CPU processing does it have over the current Duo?
Will you be offering a CPU upgrade for the current Duo?

Super Excited! :ok_man:


Yeah I’m interested in a CPU upgrade as well.

I have never opened mine up but I’m guessing you are using a SOM, will it be possible to replace the SOM on the original?


DUOX looks like a good evolution. I’m really glad to see this development.

Although, one thing though I was really hoping to see here–a pretty realistic thing too, as far as I can tell–is a S/PDIF I/O. To me, this would truly be a valuable feature–a sale-closer to be honest. It would make the DUO hugely useful with my DAW and recording workflow.

It would also open up an entire world of mating the DUO with other fancy gear.

Can S/PDIF be factored in at this stage? I would be compelled to pre-order if this were a feature, truly.


why S/PDIF ?

Would not USB be a better option in that case (integration with DAW) ?

Are you saying that the DUOX will present itself as an audio interface via USB?–this would be nice!

Although, USB interfaces come with the normal issues: For ASIO, only one interface allowed (with JACK, not a problem); the need for a USB host and possibly drivers (if not Class Compliant), etc. … Most troublesome though, as I see it here, is the overall latency of the workstation audio system.

Meanwhile, S/PDIF (or AES, ADAT) would allow me to process audio at the latency of the DUO (6ms?–fast enough to be perceived as “realtime”). My DAW on the hand requires at least ~46-92ms for what I need. This kind of latency makes it difficult, un-enjoyable to say the least, to play guitar through, sing through, play MIDI instruments through, etc.

To me, the DUO is most valuable as a realtime FX processor. As such, a 2x2 digital I/O (or ADAT Lightpipe 8x8) would go a long way for me!

If MOD were to create a rackmount version of the “DUO”, sporting expanded I/O, greater processing power, etc., I’d buy that too! To have a nice, dedicated, realtime FX unit, with the openness and expandability that MOD has purveyed so far, would be a most attractive thing. Who else has done this, really?

EDIT: Allow me to illustrate a common scenario I have.
For recording, I plug my guitar into a high quality DI, which distributes my signal to the DAW and the DUO. I record the output of the DUO, as well as the guitar DI. I use the DUO to HEAR my performance in “realtime”. Although, if I want to reprocess my recorded DI, I am presented with a problem; two additional digital conversions.

Moreover, the wiring here is a bit convoluted and hardly convenient. What if instead, my DI goes straight into my main audio interface, at which point I use a digital I/O for the DUO as an FX loop? Then performance, recording and additional processing all happens within the digital domain–no unnecessary additional conversions. All of this would be possible with a simple S/PDIF I/O on the DUO.

Btw, an additional thought here is, what of MOD DUOs in tandem? A digital I/O would make good sense for this. Yes, you’d double your latency, although new possibilities open up. Plus, there’s other such gear which could be used this way.


Another vote for the CPU update for the Mod DUO.

I don’t need any of the features of the Mod DUO X, but more processing power for the Mod DUO would be great. (and I think in the beginning you said that this was the plan).

The other problem I have would’ve been solved by a beefier output stage (so I could plug it directly into a poweramp), but I don’t think that this is possible at this point.

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@Skydiver @AndyCap @brusch

We will propose a hardware upgrade for Duo users around the same time the Duo X starts shipping. It will be an ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, 1.5GHz most probably, like the Duo X.

Details on that will be announced in the coming weeks.


Great news :slight_smile:

@dwek: If the price is not too high this would be great !

@dwek can you estimate the difference in DSP power between the old DUO SOC and the new one? A factor of two would make me happy. More than that even happier :slight_smile:

That’s a question for @gianfranco, @ricardocrudo or @jesse

Will the upgrade be complicated or can the new ARM board just be replaced?

I cannot give exact numbers on the exact power increase as the math is not that simple, but what we have is:

  • doubled core count (dual to quad core)
  • 50% clock speed increase (1GHz to 1.5GHz)
  • double bit count ( 32 bit processor to 64 bit processor)
  • newer architecture ( Cortex A7 to Cortex A53)
  • OpenCL enabled GPU (which will potentially absorb some plugin load)

I’d say that we will have around 300% to 400% EXTRA cpu power when compared to the current Duo.

But there are some caveats. Not all this extra CPU will be usable. The 4 cores, for example, make not much of a difference for a single chain of plugins, as they are computed in series. OTOH, it guarantees a much better performance for “non-audio” tasks as the UI, Control-Chain, etc, resulting in a much more responsive unit.


Yeah, and the new architecture also offers some improved vectorization/SIMD stuff. This might turn out to be really good :slight_smile:

The 4 cores might turn out to be useful for partitioned/multithreaded convolution plugins… And of course for processing more than one instrument through separate chains (a usecase I refrained from because of processing power limitations)…

I recently got into synths with the Novation Circuit Mono Station. I’m loving the sounds I get from it. But it is hardware and expanding into that world requires a lot more investment and hardware.

I imagine the DUO X to do what the original Duo did for stomp-boxes by offering a platform to host soft-synths. For the to cost of a high end Eurorack Module you could have unlimited synths at your fingertips.
Am I correct?

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Are multiple chains on separate cores supported?

Congrats on pushing the boundaries of FLOSS musicianship, once again, MOD team! And thanks for considering a CPU update for existing users. I cannot think of any company in this sector doing this and find it awesome!

Like @lunardigs I’d cast my vote for a digital output as well. Not that you asked, but still. :slight_smile: Why? To integrate the DUO better with other equipment. Now, the only way to get our lovely tones directly into a DAW is via the experimental JACK route which does not work for the Windows and Mac people, IIRC. The other options infer an additional D-A and A-D conversion which produces unnecessary artefacts and latency. I, as a bedroom noodler, would also like to avoid this unwanted downgrade and connect the Duo via TOSLINK with my active speakers.

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