MOD DUO Device freezing at the settings screen


The MOD DUO freezes at the settings screen.
I´m using bluetooth to connect to the MOD GUI on my laptop these days and needed to access the bluetooth menu on the device and started to experience this problem.
Turning the DUO off and on again is a way to get around the problem.

How to reproduce

  1. Press knob 1 to go to the settings screen
  2. Select System
  3. using knob 2, select display brightness and press it to change its value
  4. using knob 2, select bluetooth and press it to go to the bluetooth screen
  5. using knob 2, select eneable discovery and press it
  6. at this point things get wierd. Sometimes pressing to eneable discovery changes the screen brightness and the device freezes the screen, sometimes it freezes when trying to go back to the previous menu and sometimes everything works fine.

Expected/suggested solution

The device should not ever freeze! :wink:

Additional information

  • release: v 1.10.4

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • System version: 10 (latest update)

Does this happen only when you are connected via Bluetooth to the WebGUI?

It seems to be related to the “Enable Discovery” option and the screen brightness options.
When I select Enable Discovery the The DUO freezes and the screen brightness drops to 0%.

Hmm really weird.
Was this happening with other OS versions?


Not earlier OS versions?
We actually managed to replicate it, so now it may be easier to find a fix.

That I don’t know. I rarely use Bluetooth to connect to the MOD GUI.

All good. Keep an eye on the new OS releases and let us know if the problem doesn’t get fixed in the meanwhile.