Mod Duo output cut out mid song

I was mid song at a live gig when my Mod Duo output just cut out with no apparent reason and no warning. I use a different pedal board for every song selected by midi program change so I selected another pedalboard but still no audio output, I had to re-boot the duo and the output was restored and remained on for the rest of the gig. Being a solo act I had nothing to back me up so there was an embarrasing gap of silence while I sorted it out. I worry now that this could happen again so can anyone help with potential reasons why this could happen?

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First time I hear of this. Only possible explanation I can think of is a plugin crash.
Do you recall which pedalboard you were using at the time of the issue? We do not need the pedalboard in specific, but would be great to have the list of plugins used in this pedalboard.
Then we can double-check them for potential issues.

Thanks for your reply,This is the pedalboard I was using . I have a harmonica microphone to input1 and guitar to input2 both have their own plugin chain but both go to output1 and output2 as a stereo mix. Harmonica chain is Antanas abGate, Guitarix Hyperion,Kuiza openAV, OpenAV Roomy, Mod stereo gain for delay and another Stereo gain as master… Guitar channel is AmpVTS caps, Mod Vintage cabinets, Stereo Echo TAP, Guitarix Reverb Stereo, 3 x MOD Stereo gain 1 for delay, 1 for reverb and one as master.

Any updates on this? I am really nervous of using it agan,

I am going to check on the openav plugins very soon, I suspect that to be the culprit.
I found at least one issue in “Filta” already.


Yesterday I very nervously played the same song with same pedal board but thankfully this time with no issues but that is equally worrying because now I wonder was it caused by a plugin, hardware or other issue?

Yeah, we understand. Just knowing all we can investigate and as more specific you are as easier it is for us to find the issue (meaning like each single detail and plugin in your setup).
Please try to hard test everything in some sort of “safe environment” and if it happens again let us know.

What was the results of checking the openav plugins and what was the issue found with “Filta” ?

Right, so we found a few issues with Filta most which were corrected by the author already. We updated openav artyfx plugins to be on the latest versions.

There are 2 known issues at the moment:

  1. quickly changing filta frequency knob can result in audio pops/clicks
  2. the (regular desktop) x64 build as used in the produces noise when frequency knob is above 0.4

the 2nd issue is the most critical one. we cannot reproduce on ARM systems that our devices use, but it indicates something bad in the plugin that should be fixed nonetheless.

Thanks for your reply,
When plugins are updated or revised do they automatically update the versions used on a pedalboard or does an updated version need to be re-downloaded from the plugin store and replaced on the pedalboard?

You only have 1 single instance of a plugin, so updating it once will update it for all pedalboards. It even feels weird to think this way…
The pedalboards do not store plugins, only list which plugins they use and their parameters.

OK I understand that but how is a plugin updated do we have to download it again from the store or is there an update feature within a plugin. Also how would I know when a plugin has been updated or revised is there some sort of notification?

You can subscribe to the forum thread about plugin updates, there is no dedicated notification in the device web gui regarding plugins.

OK I will take a look thanks