Mod Duo X no way to try shared pedalboads

Can’t try shared pedalboards with 1.11 RC2 versiion installed on Mod Duo X

Mod Duo X

Web browser Google Chrome

  • Operating system:Windows
  • System version: Windows 10 on my DuoX and loading shared pedalboards works.

Tried on both Firefox and Chromium (debian 11).

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You’re on Mac computer.
I think all Windows users have the same problem.
I’m not the only one.
But I’ll try Microsoft Edge

Why would I be on Mac?

I’m on Linux.

Excuses me. I saw Firefox, I thought Apple.

That doesn’t make any sense, Firefox runs on all operating systems.

Many years later Firefox was the best alternative for Mac users if they didn’t want safari.
That make sense for me.
But that’s not the problem here

Well I tried Microsft Edge and I have the exact same issues.
No way to try shared pedalboard
On the web UI Led status doesn’t reflect the Mod Footswitch status.

Please, try to use Firefox

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I don’t think that’s a web browser issue. It was working with V1.10.
I have other issue with those RC release, I can’t connect to the web UI with any android device.
So I think that’s a problem with this update. They must fix it, they can’t say people to use firefox, not google chrome or microsoft edge, not to use a PC but a Mac, not to use a android tablet but a ipad.
That’s ridiculous.

This is 100% a browser issue, I explained somewhere else but the gist of it is that auto-playback blocking mechanisms coming in Chrome and other browsers make it impossible to trigger an event on a browser window from the outside.
So far, things still work in Firefox, but I suspect it won’t be long.

We have this in our list of things to fix, actually something for me to do.
Likely the web gui will need to trigger a notification or message that requests user input, as typically browsers are fine letting things go through as long as the user confirms / gives access to it.
I am not exactly sure how this will work, in the technical sense, but it is very likely that a 1.10.x or 1.11 update is needed


Thanks I will try with firefox.
And for Bluetooth connection issue with mod duo x do you know if it will be possible in next release?

I do not know of a solution to that in particular, sorry.