Will the new coreboard be soon available for Mod DUO update also ? :slight_smile:


Yup. I got the email about that and I’m totally fine with the wait! Thanks for the update!


I would also love to know that!


We are in the process of figuring out how this could be done. There is the technical process to sort out, the costs to calculate and since we are now working with multiple distributors, who sell stock to retailers in multiple countries, we´ll also need to figure out the logistics for the handling. I still hope we can announce the procedure soon after the first units of the Duo X are shipped, but I can´t promise that at this stage. We´ll do our best to come up with a final solution asap though.


For myself, the biggest drawback of the Duo is the processing power since I play a dual output instrument (NS/Stick, Chapman Stick) and process each side with their own effects and amp/cab sim. I run my Duo very hot!

I’m excited to hear the MOD solution to this. I don’t think other manufacturers have the hardware upgradability that the Duo offers and one of many reason I decided to go with the Duo and continue to support MOD.

Thank you for the update and hard work!


Same here - I need an octaver and even something as simple as Drop chews through a large chunk of CPU so I need to retain an EHX NanoPOG on my (physical) pedalboard. If I could boost the Duo’s CPU, I could get rid of that and shrink the board.

So I’m very excited about the idea of a CPU upgrade. I’d happily volunteer as a guinea-pig!


Me too!

I use the Drop plugin but I have to use it at Hi-Fi mode to get the sound I want and requires me to scale down the rest of the plugins. I have the Whammy DT and it takes more space on the pedalboard than a Duo. :rofl:


yay more brains!!! :smiley:


Hey! We should start a trend topic… #morebrains for the MOD DUO! :wink:


more brains +1 !!!


Any news on D(elivery) Day?


HAHA. This morning I was thinking, I should go to the Mod forums and see if there has been an update on the X I pre-ordered.


Hi. I was really hoping for an update too. Getting a little worried given there’s been no images of the actual production items (apart from the one earlier in the month). An update would be really appreciated.


They just sent out an email update. Looks like it’s delayed for an indefinite amount of time.

It’s a bummer, but I for one pre-ordered knowing full well that this was bound to happen. Such is the reality of smaller hardware vendors. Waiting on Chinese partners and whatnot.

With that said, I’d like to see some pictures. The new powder coated enclosures are great, you say? Cool! Can we see them?


Got that update…thanks Gianfranco. And you’re right… that’s part of the risk of pre-ordering. Glad to get the update though. Communication is everything!! Fingers crossed for Christmas!


We are not talking about an undefined amount of time here… the mail definitely says, the coreboard producer has issues delivering on time… that’s normal when new stuff gets into the market… and we should expect the final device to be around December the latest…

All cool, communication is everything!

Cheers max


There is no new delivery target for these units. You’re free to speculate though.


Yeah, I read the mail as the supplier thinks they may have a batch done in mid November. There is no new release date for the ModX. Which is most likely for the best. Constantly setting arbitrary dates based on supply chain could become fatiguing & frustrating for all parties. I would rather have the developer updates on a regular basis, and then some day in the future the “CHIPS HAVE ARRIVED” party.


What about the software side of things? There should be a 1.7 release ready by now with the new features, though I’m not clear if the same software will run on both the Duo and the X. Will the Duo receive the new features (that the device can support)? I’m very interested in the presets (now called “Snapshots”) enhancements as well as MIDI slave sync. Is there a roadmap for when Duo users might get access to these features?


great update via email… communication is key!

i’m delighted to see the MOD team taking care of important forward-looking design decisions, and have no complaints about the delay.