ModDuo as usb midi host for Linnstrument and Haken Continuumini?


I am trying to make the ModDuo act as an usb midi host for connecting the midi controller “Linnstrument” and the mpe synth “Continuumini” by Haken Audio.
Does anybody have any experience with this setup? I`m trying in this way; Continuum mini is powered by the ModDuo and the Linnstrument is powered by an external power supply and connects to ModDuo by din midi. My aim is for the Linnstrument to be able to send channel per note messages to Continuumini and thus being able to control it in MPE+ mode. When I connect Linnstrument through USB midi it is recognized, the name is shown in the GUI and it works well with the generators in Modduo.

But it doesnt seem to work with the Continuummini setup. Not even in single channel mode. I havent tried using other midi devices with Mod duo as a host. Does this even work?

I am curious to find out if this is possible :slight_smile:

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In MOD interface, try connecting the MIDI IN port to the MIDI OUT port. This will create a “MIDI Through” so your MIDI data will travel from your DIN device to your USB device.

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Let us know if @Simon suggestion worked for you.
Also (and this may sound silly and I also don’t know well the controllers), have you tried to swap the setup Linnstrument with Continuummini setup?

Yes, if I understand you correctly, this was my first strategy. So it seems the the ModDuo doesnt recognize the Continuum in midi out, and also doesnt recognize Linnstrument (that is, showing it by name with DIN MIDI in UI editior. But Linnstrument works as MIDI controller for Generators through both USB and DIN MIDI. in both UI and standalone mode.

The continuum doesnt have DIN MIDI connection and I do not have a USB MIDI host with DIN MIDI IN/OUT. Thats why I want the MODDUO to serve me as MIDI host. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think you will ever see a “device name” for something plugged into the DIN connectors of the DUO. So, don’t rely on that to determine if your devices are working or not.

If your Linnstrument can receive MIDI data from a MIDI plugin (ex: Mindi)), and send MIDI data to any generator plugins, then you have half of your rig working.

You should concentrate now on seeing if the Continuum Mini can send and receive MIDI data to a plugin to and from the DIN ports on the DUO. If that also works, then your problem is with routing MIDI data inside the DUO.

Have you tried to change from “Agregate” to “Separate” MIDI in the DUO configuration and then route the MIDI output of one device to the input of the other?

I’m sorry I cannot help you further. I do not know your devices and how MIDI is implemented in them.

Personally, I’ve had many types of devices connected to my DUO. A McMillen 12 Step, M-Audio and Arturia controllers, MIDI ports of sound cards and even an M-Audio 2x2 MIDI hub connected to the DUO via USB that would give me 2 additional DIN IN/OUT pairs and I am always able to route the MIDI signals to the proper plugin or device.

If all fails, maybe you should look into something like the “iConnectivity mioXM”. This device is a full MIDI mixer that can route MIDI between DIN, USB and RTP/Network (ethernet MIDI).


There is also the Blokas Midihub and just trying it out for an afternoon made me want to have one. The Duo is mighty flexible, but sometimes more specialised tools com in handy.

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Hmm Looks like this one supports multiple DIN MIDI connections. But I would need something who can power and connect either 2 USB MIDI devices or at least 1 USB MIDI to DIN MIDI Like “Kenton USB Host” or similar.

Seems the Linnstrument works, shows up “device name” and works through MIDI USB in “separate” and I wasntt expecting "device name" with Din Midi. I havent tried it in “out mode” recieving midi yet. The continuumini is USB only, so I cannot see if it recieves MIDI DIN. I haven`t tried it as a “send” device, because my main focus was that it should recieve MIDI. I will have look and try some more. The “iConnectivity mioXM” is a little above my budget for now and it would be great if the MOD DUO could do it :slight_smile:


You can use an USB hub on the USB port of the Duo and connect multiple USB MIDI Controllers.
Also, just an heads up (not sure if you are trying this), but the MOD Duo does not support MPE (at least yet)

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Makes sense. I am sure you will get this working with your MOD device in a more or less simple way.

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I am using the Continuummini as well and there is a major problem with the USB data flow . It only works properly - especially in conjunction with the Eagan Matrix- when it is connected straight via USB to your computer . Even a connection via a USB hub might cause problems. I am in contact with the Haken community and they say Lippold will take care of the problem- but at the moment it is still unsolved.