ModDuo configure via terminal?

Heard about the Mod Duo on the Bad Voltage podcast. Sounds great. I’m up for buying one. However got a couple of questions.

OK, So I’m a blind guitarist and some time headless Linux server user. I use a screenreader in Windows for web browsing. My experience tells me webgui’s can be really hit or miss, sometimes unuseable altogether with a screenreader. What does the web front end in the Mod Duo use. Presume it’s HTML5 not flash?

Also, is there currently any way of SSHing into the box and editing config files with Vi or Nano instead of using the webgui? This would be really, really handy. I don’t mind typing :slight_smile: Thanks guys and good work.


The Web GUI is HTML5 + CSS + Javascript. No Flash necessary.

Your request was already done sometime ago and we added the command line interaction with the plugin host. So the answer is yes: you can access via terminal and instruct the host from the console in interactive mode.


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Excelent. Thanks for the info. I’m going to order one when I get home.

I’ve seen posts saying to use root/mod for ssh access, but I get permission denied. Has it changed or is there something I need to do to enable it?

@davidr We had to change the way this will work. SSH access to the MOD will still be allowed but we will have a term that must be agreed/accepted on first. We’re working on this and should have more information soon…


Any update on this? If I had ssh access I could help debug Release 1.1.2: BT on Linux does not work anymore

ssh no longer requires a key starting from 1.1.
user root, pass mod.

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new firmware might have changed this? It’s failing for me.