ModDuo stuck on startscreen

Hello all!
Like the title implies my mod got stuck on boot.
I’ve tried the different reinstall methods/suggestions to no avail alas.
Any suggestions to resolve the situation would be deeply appreciated.
I’m really fond of my Mod and want it to work again.
I did;
"To begin:

Click and hold down the FEL button on the back of the MOD Duo (in tiny hole), while you power it on.
Hold it for 2 seconds, then release (The screens will freeze with the MOD logo and name)
Connect the MOD Duo to your computer via USB cable
Download this file: and extract it
Open a terminal and 'cd' to the directory where duo-nand-mainline-factory-reset-v2.tar.gz was extracted, ie:

cd ~/Downloads/duo-nand-mainline-factory-reset-v2

Now simply run:
(sudo will likely be needed here)"
And then;

After the script finishes, wait for around 1 minute and the MOD Duo will boot into recovery mode. (confirmed by LEDs turning blue.

So far so good.

  • Copy the tar file onto the new drive and use your OS option to safely remove the drive
  • Remove the USB cable connecting your PC to the MOD
    After that the leds shine red and nothing more happens. I think the manual is a bit vague here or I might be daft :rofl:
    What happens then? Unplug (power). Reboot?
    Tried that and still not going any further than bootscreen.
    Any help regarding this would as mentioned be appreciated. I’m in contact with João at support and he has been very helpful but I’m not making progress so I thought that maybe other users have had the same problem and successfully solved them.
    Really like the community and the people here and I’ll try to be more active here and help out any way I can.
    Well, anyhow I’ll resort to the ModDuo X in the meantime.
    Be well all

Hey Anders,

I think we are in touch over I would say that there is the best place to get this issue fixed since it’s really specific for your unit and we must understand what is happening.
As I told you over there, it will probably need to be repaired. Let’s hope that not.