More MIDI inputs via USB?

Hi there,

I am using the MOD-Duo currently for guitar training at home. For this I also use the synth engine via MIDI for playbacks (the mod is so flexible - absolutly nice!). It would be very useful if there would be the possibility for more MIDI inputs via USB. Is this possible for future releases?

Also for playing with more than one MIDI keyboard on stage this would be very useful.

Regards, Holger

you can add as many MIDI usb devices as you want right now.
the mod has a single usb port for midi devices, but a usb hub should work.

if you connect too many you might need external power for them, as usual for usb ports.

OK, many thanks for your hint. I found out that my MIDI interface is defect :confused:
With a leased USB MIDI keyboard it works on the MOD-Duo.

Many thanks!

One question: what do you use on the Duo for connecting USB-MIDI towards jack? a2jmidid?

Thanks, Holger

FYI, I’ve just tried out a USB hub and connected my USB EWI and USB Keystation simultaneously through the hub, and both worked.

One thing I should note is that I tried a USB Y-Cable, but found that did NOT work correctly with two USB Midi devices.